St. Christopher


Of large physical stature, St. Christopher decided he wanted to serve the greatest king. He began serving for a local ruler until he noticed the king’s reference of the devil made St. Christopher believe that the devil had more power. So he began serving the devil and encountered a group of thieves who’s leader called himself the devil.

When this leader avoided a Cross out of fear, St. Christopher learned there was someone even more powerful than the devil, Christ. He found a hermit that taught him all about the King of Kings. The hermit suggested to St. Christopher to spend his life in prayer and fasting. St. Christopher declined. But with the hermits help, he chose to help travelers cross a nearby river. It was a dangerous and physically demanding job, but the hermit assured St. Christopher this job would please Christ.

One day, a child asked St. Christopher to help him cross the river. When they were midstream, the river rose and the child became unnaturally heavy, but because of his great strength and perseverance, St. Christopher brought the child safely to the other side. St. Christopher asked the child why he became so heavy and the child said He was Christ and when St. Christopher carried Him, he also carried the weight of the whole world. Then the child vanished.

After this, St. Christopher evangelized thousands of people. When he traveled to Lycia in Asia, he witnessed Christians being martyred. St. Christopher was detained, and in an attempt to persuade him to give up his faith, two women were sent to seduce him, but he converted them to Christianity. After this, many attempted to kill him. Eventually, he was beheaded.

St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers and children. His feast day is July 25th, however he is not officially recognized the Catholic Church.



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