Sudadero: Small Peruvian Town & the joy within

Town sign

After morning prayer and breakfast, Brandon, Katie, Ally, Estar, Father Isaac and I went to Sudadero. The teachers are on strike so the children didn’t have any school today or any where to go.

FullSizeRender 18
The town of Sudadero

At first we tried to get into their community center (which is actually just a shed) but it was locked. So we walked the streets looking for children. Without much luck, Brandon, Estar, and I went to find the mayor to see if he would give us the key for the community center. Oh! By the way, Estar speaks absolutely no English and because I can speak the most basic sentences, she thinks I’m fluent. So she will say something to me in Spanish and motion for me to tell the others, and I will admit to them that I have absolutely no idea what she just said.

The house of one of the children who came to play with us.
Street view of Sudadero.

The mayor was outside his “house” and Estar said something to him in Spanish and he said something that sounded blunt back. They continued to talk and Estar would ask a question and the mayor would say no. Then Estar would say hm and ask another question. He continued to say no to everything she asked him, and it didn’t sound like we were going to be getting any key. When the mayor went inside, I turned to leave since it had seemed pretty clear we were going to be getting the key. And just then, the mayor came out holding the key to the community center. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Estar is one determined lady.

Walking to find children.

The three of us continued to walk the streets of Sudadero in search of children. Estar took us to a house with a beautiful young girl with her puppy. The house had a speaker to make announcements to the whole town. So Estar made an announcement to all the niños. We went back to the community center and waited for a minute.

It was only a minute before the children started coming. Father started playing his guitar and singing with them. More children came. We talked to them about how they felt or what they were going through at home. Some more children came. We read scripture and gave a little testimony.

FullSizeRender 9
Father Isaac, one of the happiest men alive, singing with the children. 

We gathered and prayed with some of the kids. One little boy wearing a bright yellow shirt had been smiling at me throughout our time there. His smile filled his entire face. When he came back to pray with Brandon and I, he held out his little palms and closed his eyes with his beautiful, long, dark eyelashes. After, he said he felt like a lightening bolt though his body. He was struck with Jesus.

Ally, Katie and I praying with a young girl with Father singing.

I felt the Holy Spirit so alive in that room today, working through each of us to fill those children. I pray that He may always strike them with His love.

FullSizeRender 10
Some of our new friends from Sudadero.

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