Prison Story: One Man’s story of Hope

Inside the prison, we listened to a man’s story who had such a deep and beautiful faith. But he shared with us that it wasn’t always like that.

Before jail, he was working for a company that had him transport gold in boats in Peru. One day he was attacked by a group of men that shot him six times. He showed us his wounds and told us of the horrors he went though that day: jumping out of the boat and struggling to find his way to shore with so much blood everywhere.

He told us he was leaning against a tree, had an out of body experience, and saw the image of the Divine Mercy of Jesus.

The authorities gave him the names of the men who had attacked him, their children’s names, and their address. So he called a group of his friends from when he was in the military, and they were going to kill the men that had tried to hurt him. Seconds before they were about to leave, the man had a change of heart and called off the whole thing. The change of heart was mostly due to his out of body experience when he was shot.

He made it clear that even though he didn’t get revenge on those who had hurt him, he was not an innocent man. He was put in prison for giving guns to his friend who then robbed a convenience store. So even though he didn’t hurt anyone, he ended up in jail, and before going to prison, he knew that God was real.

He went on to say that he saw Fr. Jose Maria coming to the jail to say mass every week, and eventually went over to shake his hand but was enveloped in a hug instead. That was the start of his journey to become Catholic. Since then, him and his wife were married in the Catholic Church in the jail.


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