7 things you need to know before going to Machu Picchu

7machupicchutipsI absolutely loved my time at Machu Picchu. A group of 12 of us from America, spent the day walking around the ruins and three of us hiked up SunGate Trail. Here are 7 tips I learned while I was there.

1. Machu Picchu’s entrance is limited each day.

Machu Picchu has a restriction on the number of people who can enter the park everyday. If you get a ticket, you are allowed to leave the park once and get back in.


2. Get there early.

The earlier you get there, the better. By 11am more peoplewill get to the park and that iconic “Machu Picchu picture” spot will be so full it will be nearly impossible to snap a pic without people in the background.

3. No bathrooms once you get inside the gate.

There is only one bathroom outside of the park (1 sol per person) and none once you get into Machu Picchu.

4. Bring your passport.

At the exit of the park, there’s a spot to stamp your passport. (Also, you need some type of identification to get into the park so might as well only bring your passport.)

5. SunGate Trail is worth it.

The majority of the group I was with wasn’t really into hiking (what a shame!) so after we walked around the ruins, they were ready to leave. Luckily, two other people wanted to hike more with me so we started walking up SunGate Trail. We made it to the top in 45 mins. My friend Ally said “I’m out of breath! I don’t know if it’s because we came up here so fast or because of the altitude, or because of this view!” Which was cheesy but so true.


6. You can pet the alpacas.

There are wild alpacas in and around Machu Picchu that are use to seeing people. You can pet them if they let you. I was told they don’t bite, spit, or kick.IMG_2859

7. People are watching you.

The park staff is literally everywhere and even if you can’t see them, they will see you. And they will tell you to not take ‘jumping pictures’ or not sit in certain places or to stop doing whatever it is you aren’t supposed to be doing.

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