Orphanage: 3 young children stole my heart

Father Isaac took a group of us to the orphanage. While most people went into another room to talk with the older children, a smaller group stayed to play with the younger children.

Three little children stole my heart:

Juan: 3 year old little boy who had attachment problems and couldn’t be consoled. He’d take things out of the girl’s hands because he is use to fending for himself. He was dropped off at the orphanage one month ago, by a person who wasn’t family. No one, not even his mom has come to the orphanage looking for him. The only person who could remotely comfort him was a volunteer who is leaving next month. So the healthy attachment that is forming will be broken soon. My heart really went out to the little guy.

Juan is the blurry little man. 

Stephanie: 1 and a half year old girl with a blank stare…blank stare on a beautiful face. We played a game (that I didn’t understand) and I held her as we ran around the room. Her face lit up and she giggled. Her little nose scrunched up and my heart melted. We also played with Lego-type toys, and I’d hold up the piece and say the color in Spanish and she’d repeat it. (It helped me work on my colors in Spanish too.)

Stephanie is the sweet baby in white.

Raphaella: a 6 month old girl with a clef lip. When I saw that she was getting sleepy, I picked her up and rocked her while someone fanned us (it was so hot in there!) We sang “Lord I need You” to her softly. Shortly, I felt her head slump on my shoulder, asleep. So I sat with her on my chest for a while fanning her until a volunteer roughly picked her up and took her to bed.

Hello Raphaella!

When I was leaving the orphanage, all the girls were hugging and kissing me. And as I got into the van, I felt like part of my heart was being ripped out and left at the orphanage.

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