Leon’s Military Friend

When Leon was young, he was drafted into the military. He knew he would have to go eventually so he left college early. It was between the year 1953 and 1955 (between the Korean and Vietnam wars). He went to basic training and met a man who became one of his closest friends. Leon became a financing manager in Formosa, now Taiwan. He and his friend were stationed together and traveled when they had R&R.

One weekend they went to Hong Kong and Leon bought Rose a real nice set of China dishes and had them sent back home. He had no idea if they would make it to America without breaking. The package took a couple of weeks, but the fine China made it back in perfect condition.

Leon was engaged to Rose while he was in Formosa and his friend was married with a child on the way. One day, Leon and his friend went to town to try to call his wife. They waited together all day to try to get a call back to America. Towards evening, the man was able to call his wife and she had news. Their baby was born.

Leon and his friend have shared experiences no one else would be able to. They have been able to keep in touch and remain friends 60+ years later.

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