Blind Faith: Jess

A couple of days ago, I had the honor of meeting Jess, a 62-year-old blind woman. I met her at the care center where she lives and took her out shopping for the day. She recently had back surgery and walks slow but thankfully is not in much pain.

As we were driving to the store, Jess opened up about her life. She had only been blind for 13 years so she reminisced about her childhood and I listened in awe. She was her mother’s oldest daughter. Her mother had always had ‘men in and out of the house’ as Jess put it, and had been married five different times. Jess commented under her breath ‘it took her five times to finally find a good one’ to which I giggled.

From the sounds of it, Jess spent a lot of time with her grandparents/ cousins because of all of her mother’s men. This may sound like a relief but Jess confided in me it wasn’t.

Jess said she thought her family was insane (and not the normal ‘my family is crazy’ kind of thing either.) Her grandfather was a child molester and she was his primary victim. Her cousin followed in their grandfather’s footsteps. As she described some of the pain she went through at home, it was difficult to listen to let alone to experience as a young girl.

School was her escape. She absolutely loved to be able to go to school because, as she described it, ‘it was 8 hours a day I didn’t have to be with those wretched people.’ Because she was a bright young girl, she excelled in school. And I mean,¬†excelled.¬†

She was the first one in her family to graduate from high school and she went on and finished medical school. Unbelievable. All her pain from home funneled her to school and lead her to become a Medical Doctor.

Her young career was cut short when she got ill. So ill, in fact, she firmly believes she died and came back to life. She said she doesn’t remember laying on the operating table those 13 years ago. All she can recall is being on her knees begging the Lord for her life back, for a second chance. Jess told me she said ‘Lord I am sorry for all the wrong I have done. Please be merciful and let me have another chance. I will try to do better.’ As we sat in the car, I first thought she was lying, but as her posture and emotions changed when she described it, I believed her. God granted her wish and sent her back to the earth, just without her sight.

I’m honored to have meet Jess and maybe God put us together. Maybe God wanted to show me blind faith is the only kind of faith there is.

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