8 Pictures of my Summer in Iowa

Being in Iowa for a little bit this summer has been refreshing and wonderful to see family.

vsco_070217-5Bonfires seem to be a nightly occurrence at our house. You haven’t been to Des Moines until you’ve been to the Downtown Farmer’s Market. I spent the afternoon enjoying the smell of freshly cut flowers, drinking honey-aid and indulging in a blueberry pastry.

vsco_070217-4.jpgNick and my dad went to Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota this summer. I missed them greatly, but at least they sent me this picture.vsco_052917.jpg

Since I’ve been home, I’ve had the privilege to be with Greyson. He will be two soon and loves to say mommy, dada, ball, and no. My little friend also enjoys running around the house laughing at himself, and that laugh is contagious.

vsco_070217-2.jpgMy mom thought it was would be nice to dress my sister and I in the same outfit (for the 17th year in a row) and we thought it was funny.

vsco_070217-1.jpgIf you’re ever in the Mason City/ Clear Lake area of the state, you have to stop at Birdsall’s for their famous fudge. I tried peppermint with the warm, gooey fudge because it was a local man’s favorite (he had been getting it for 40+ years.)

vsco_062517.jpgSpeaking of ice cream, I also enjoyed roasted cherry with goat cheese at the Des Moines Arts Festival with my grandparents. Delicious. Also, the Arts Festival is rich with featured artists from around the country.

vsco_062517-2.jpgI tried blueberry, rhubarb pie that a sweet woman brought into my work for me and my family.


Finally, a momma bird made her nest in a lilac tree in our front yard. I’m thankful for all of God’s creation and for these two months at home.

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