Jost Van Dyke- Home of the Painkiller

Yesterday was Anegada and today…Jost Van Dyke, home of the PainKiller. We had to drive to the West End of Tortola to catch this ferry. I feel like we almost miss the ferry everyday.

Today Lexi dropped Jamie and I off to get tickets, and on the way to meet us, she got attacked by a chicken. She was petrified. I felt so bad when I saw how shaken she was but also, it was kinda funny.

We got to Jost and weren’t exactly sure what to do so we followed a couple to a taxi/ open-bus-thing. The driver took us to a super touristy beach.

Everyone was so relaxed and even though there were a lot of people there, it was peaceful.


We took naps and sat in the hammocks.

There were a couple of bars on the beach and the famous one is Soggy Dollar and their world-famous ‘Painkiller’ which is rum with some fruity something and nutmeg. It was pretty good but not quiet as good as I was expecting. IMG_5153

The business woman in me loves the idea of having a business that has the ‘must buy’ of the island that attracts tourist world-wide. They had a line all day for $7 drinks and you and I both know it doesn’t cost them $7 to make them.

Dinner tonight is pancakes and eggs before going to St. John’s tomorrow.

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