Ane-gada see more…

Yesterday we barely made the ferry for Virgin Gorda and yet again this morning, we barely made the ferry. And when we arrived to Anegada, we decided to rent scooters for the day (which was the best decision yet.)


I had never driven a scooter before but it reminded me of a 4-wheeler so I felt confident. We only got two for the three of us and we probably should have gotten three because it was difficult to maneuver with someone on the back but it was fine.

We drove around the entire island which is only 15 square miles but felt even smaller.

When I was driving Lexi, we were driving through sand and fell off. (The island has a little concrete to drive on with a gravel/dirt road but mostly sand.) I really hurt my ankle and Lexi bruised herself. She drove me for most of the rest of the day which made me feel better. Before I fell, I felt fearless on that thing so it’s probably good I fell off without getting seriously injured.

We made random stops at beaches along the way. There’s not only a beach on edge of the island but there are also ponds/ marshes in the middle.

Anegada beach


They have a school and on the island and on the playground, there were so many sheep and goats up on the equipment and surrounding it.

We found a place that was a beach but we were able to walk out a ways and it still wasn’t up to our knees. I bet that’s why this island is still around…it’s so flat that the waves need

200 yards from land…

to crash out farther (hence the long stretch of shallow water.) *See picture for better explanation.

This island confused and amazed me.

The houses were so very small and we barely saw anyone all day. I was told the population was only 250 people.

After we returned our scooters, the man asked us which one of us was going to stay on the island and marry him.

A drunken old man waited by us for the ferry and bet me he could drink more Heinekens than I could. Yes sir I believe you can!

Next island…Jost Van Dyke

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