Virgin Gorda in a Day

Yesterday, we spent the day traveling to Tortola.

So today, Virgin Gorda was our first day-trip island. We got up and rushed down to the ferry dock. Lexi forgot her phone and we literally almost missed the boat to Virgin Gorda. The locals were obviously accustom to having tourists because when we got off, we all filed into a safari-looking-bus that took us straight to The Baths.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Virgin Gorda Baths

There was a nice walking path down to The Baths and to Devil’s Bay. One older lady fell and was convinced she broke her ankle.

IMG_0445The Baths blew my mind. The water was no higher than my waist and we just walked between these ginormous rocks. It was mesmerizing.

At Devil’s Bay, we climbed on huge rocks that were actually pretty intimidating once I was up on them. Lexi and Jamie are much better climbers than I am.

The ferry we took back was earlier than what we were initially planning on, but we were all tired.


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