Beginning in Tortola

The journey to Tortola started out with me getting up early and shoving the things I thought I would need on our trip.

Our taxi driver was supposed to pick us up at 9:15am and at 9:25 we decided to call him because he usually wasn’t ever that late. Even on island time. He confirmed that he had forgotten about picking us up but was on his way.

Lexi and I wheeled our bags to the end of the road so it would be quicker for him to pick us up…when I realized I forgot my passport and had to run all the way back to my room. I locked the door, which was difficult and kept getting stuck and ran back out. I got a text from my roommate, who was out, saying she didn’t have her keys. I gave my pair to a friend that happened to be out walking.

We sped to the airport. Our cab driver was flirting with Lexi the whole way like a middle school boy…poor Lex…he even gave her an awkward hug when we arrived at the airport.

When we got to the airport, we were informed that our flight left out of the Christiansted Harbor, not the airport.

The flight to St. Thomas was in a 20 minute flight in a seaplane, so we took off and landed in the water. The view was so so beautiful.

We waited for the ferry to Tortola at a side street vendor, eating nachos. A seagull shat on Lexi which was quite hilarious.

Lexi and I had too much fun on the bouncy ferry ride. We sat in the very front by ourselves and laughed so hard.

After checking out our Airbnb in Tortola (which had a beautiful view of the island/ocean) we went to Cane Garden Bay to watch the sunset.

We finished the night licking the plate clean of bagel bites.


Tomorrow…Virgin Gorda!

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