Application Process for NSE


Once you decide you want to participate in the National Student Exchange program, follow the simple application process.

1. Complete the application form from your home university.

This shouldn’t take long and includes contact and demographic information, emergency contact, and your top 5 preferences for schools. (They say that 80% of students get placed at their top choice university.)

Application ALSO includes:

-Obtain unofficial transcript.

-A letter of recommendation from a staff member.

-Write a 250 word essay about your personal goals for your exchange.

-ApplicationĀ fee.

2. Schedule an Interview.

Once your application, unofficial transcript, letter of recommendation, essay and application fee are submitted, you will have an interview with your NSE coordinator at your home university. The meeting will consist of talking about the best options for your exchange.

3. Accept your Placement.

Your coordinator will recommend you to the university of your choice and once you are accepted, you will complete paperwork and advisor agreement. The next step will be to register for classes at your host university.

I hope your adventure is amazing as mine was at the University of the Virgin Islands in St. Croix!


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