Travel Advisory: Yellow fever and kidnappings

I was looking for all the vaccines I would need before traveling to Peru along with all the warnings that come with traveling. Yellow fever. Typhoid. Hepatitis A.

I’m not exactly sure what all of listed diseases were but they weren’t near as intimidating as when I was warned about there being a “high risk of violent crime (armed robbery, sexual assault, carjacking, and murder) especially in Cusco” and when it said “kidnappings may occur in Cusco and targets include foreigners (especially Westerners)” Um…what…Cusco is one of the cities that we are going to and will be spending the most time in.

My friend who has visited many dangerous cities worldwide tried to console me by saying you just have remember that you are a guest in their country that’s all to worry about. I’m pretty sure if I’m walking around the streets of Cusco, a person isn’t going to avoid mugging me because I remembered not to point at a postcard (pointing is considered rude). But I just purchased my flight from Miami to Peru so I guess I’m locked in.

Pray for me.

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